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About Us

We are a new driving experience venue based on Newark Road in Lincoln that aims to make the thrill of racing your friends or family a reality. Using high end tech and equipment, we offer an accessible way to enjoy driving on any track in the world in your favorite cars. We can offer F1 and karting, vintage racing or GT4 and any supercar from Ferrari to Porsche and much much more. Even better with our linked rigs, you will be on the same track as your friends, racing them to the finish line!


Our Goal

To create a venue that people from any background, at any skill level and at any age, can truly enjoy their passion and have fun! If its an arrive and drive, a birthday party or a full membership night, our staff will be welcoming and friendly. We want you to get the most from your visit.


Motorsport and sim racing is not only about improving skills and nurturing talent, but also about meeting like minded people. Making friends and enjoying the sport together is an important part of what we offer and Accelerate Racing will be a focal point for the local and wider community to enjoy the thrill of motorsport.

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